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Why sponsor?

The Whole Health Mudcat Marathon Weekend is an annual event that reaches runners, their
families, and community members. It creates an excellent opportunity to gain brand recognition for your company with our growing and diverse audience.


Runners are an affluent demographic. Most fall within the 30 – 59 year old age group, with well over average incomes(1). This population is skewed toward 63% females(2), who account for 60% of household shopping(3). These are your customers – whether you’re selling sporting goods, electronics, or financial services – and we can help get your brand in front of them in a targeted and unique way.

Registration data from all but the 1k (local) races indicated that the majority of registrations came from
out of town:
• Over 1,400 runners and walkers registered in 7 events
• Roughly 20% of registrants listed Haldimand County postal codes
• With respect to the full, Boston-qualifying marathon, only TWO PERCENT of those who registered were from Haldimand County

According to race surveys and statistic, runners who travel to races are likely to be better-educated and with more disposable income than regular tourists. These are the kinds of tourists to benefit Haldimand County accommodations, stores and restaurants.

1 National Running Survey, Running USA, 2017 survey
2 2015 Athletics Canada Road Running Survey Report, running-survey-report/#sthash.c5nMnlAz.dpbs
3 Female Connected Consumers in Canada, The Nielsen Company, 8 August 2016,


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