• Sheryl S

Time to #EmbraceTheSuck!

We’ve just added another challenge element to the Whole Health Mudcat Marathon and Half Marathon races – add an additional 8k BEFORE your race and embrace the suck, indeed! Held in support of Jean-Paul Bédard’s commitment to helping adult survivors of childhood sexual violence, it’s a great opportunity to challenge yourself and contribute to a great cause!

What it means to #EmbraceTheSuck

You look out the window – it’s snowing. It’s blowing. It’s colder than a ... well, you know. And you know you SHOULD run. You WANT to run.

But it’s cold. And snowing. And blowing.

I hear ya. Truth be told – I feel a little like that in the heat, too. I’m a fair-weather runner, sort of a Princess and the Pea runner. Or a Goldilocks runner. I probably hate the heat more than the cold – although I could do without the wind at any temperature! I have a tendency to whine if things aren’t just right.

This is really The Suck.

I have a million excuses: it’s too cold, it’s too hot, it’s too early, it’s too late, I just ate, I’m too hungry and I need to eat first, I have too much to do, I don’t have time to run and clean up for my meeting in a couple of hours, etc, etc, etc. Those of us in rural areas have a plethora of excuses that our city-folk friends won’t understand: the shoulders are icy, people drive 100k+ along these roads, I don’t want to run alone in isolated areas, etc, etc, etc. Facing down the alternative: running on the stupid treadmill - is another part of The Suck.

How we really do #EmbraceThe Suck

BUT – in the midst of all this SUCK, we do it.

We lace up those damned shoes. We rummage through all your warm stuff and find crap to wear to NOT get frostbitten ears or fingers. We figure out HOW we can do it, and not give into the reasons why not. In my (rural) case, I sometimes run on the dreadmill – sometimes it’s the safest option.

We take photos of our eyelashes or facial hair (men only, I hope...) stuck together with snow. We take selfies and try to laugh at the craziness!

Sometimes, probably most times, you’re more grateful to have gotten out there than to have given in to your instinct to stay home. Good ol’ Newton pointed out that a body at rest tends to stay at rest, unless acted upon, (Apologies for my mangling of the laws of motion – it’s a metaphor, people! Calm down!), which is super hard to do some days.

And, we feel good about the run, despite The Suck. Sometimes, we pat ourselves on the back and congratulate ourselves on how very badass we are to get out there anyway. At least, I do!

So, are you a Goldilocks runner? How do you get over that feeling and truly #EmbraceTheSuck?

Race weekend to benefit Dunnville Youth Impact
Centre and Cayuga Food bank.
a race the grand series. 
Check out our race JUST UP the river: Grand Caledonia half & 5k