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  • Sheryl Sawyer

Run for the Toad

A trail run in the rain - what more could a (stuffed) fish ask for? #MuddyJr accompanied relay team Quad Squad (12.5 km x 4 = 50 km) to the race last weekend. The weather was not cooperating early in the day - and it seemed like everybody forgot how to drive in the rain.

Picking up the swag, though, was fun. Rather than a standard t-shirt, the Run for the Toad organizers like to give away unique items. It's been a duffle bag the last few years, and this year's was a bright yellow Nike bag. #MuddyJr enjoyed perching on the bags for a photo-op. Our #MuddyJr is a pretty vain guy...

Comfy place for a fish to lay his ... fins.

All in all, it was a great day - despite the damp weather. Happy smiles all around!

And the team - missing an injured runner - and Ric stepped up to run two legs by himself. What a MACHINE that guy is!

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