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Meet #MuddyJr!

Race Director Sheryl went on a trip to Calgary recently, and took Muddy Jr along for a few adventures.

Meet #MuddyJr - it was love at first site for Race Director Sheryl

#MuddyJr buckled into car.

Muddy Jr was excited to start the adventure - and buckled up like a pro!

Calgary is a lovely city, with nature beckoning at every step. So Muddy Jr and Sheryl explored a lot of Fish Creek Provincial Park.


Muddy Jr was also excited to meet some new friends


Muddy Jr got to go through the mountains and into BC for a short visit. Weather through the mountains was very rainy and foggy - not much good for photo-ops. Once back in Calgary, though, Muddy Jr was game for luging at the Canada Olympic Park! Imagine go-karting down the side of a mountain. Big silly fun!


All good things must come to an end, however, and Muddy Jr needed to head back to Ontario! First, he had to drive through Canmore and Kananaskis to get back to the Calgary Airport.

MuddyJr in Kananaskis, AB

MuddyJr in Canmore, AB


Muddy Jr was excited to fly back into Hamilton and home to Dunnville.


Watch for more of Muddy Jr's adventures - #MuddyJr, #mudcatmarathon

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