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The night before the #Fishy5k

As a seasoned runner, I still feel those last-minute jitters when going to bed before race day. Did I remember the socks that don't give me blisters? Do I know where my favourite hand-held water bottle is? Oh no! - did I charge the iPod??

All that seems little beans on the night before the race for the race director. Do I have enough volunteers? Did I deliver on all the promises I gave to sponsors? Have I been grateful enough? Do people know how much I appreciate them? In the heat of the moment, am I going to snap at someone who might not react at the moment, but who never forget that I (hopefully) inadvertently made them feel small, not useful, or worst of all - dumb? I really try hard not to be 'that guy'. You know the one - the guy who bulldozes over people to get his or her way. I know that I occasionally stray from my generally nice self to be snippy, short, or even rude. I hope that these times are few and far between and don't really reflect my character.

But I know, to people I snip at, that's exactly what they see. My character, bald and out there.

Truth is, I'm not the most patient person in the world. I despise incompetence, and if coupled with timidity, it's all I can do not to slap the 'offending' person in the head and tell them to straighten up and be a man.

So those are my pre-race-day jitters as a newbie race director - to be exposed as the witch I fear I really am deep down inside. Well, that and everything falling apart and my incompetence being exposed, too.

Taking a deep breath, I am going to try very hard to sleep. I have to trust that everything is ready. I have an incredible team whose dedication and hard work will shine through. There will be roadbumps - but I'm trying hard to be confident that we can work through them. Or, trying to try to be confident, that is.

It's gonna be a great day.

Good night.

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